Our Story

zenbody is a lifestyle brand for mindful activities such as yoga, barre and pilates. We believe that when you’re calm on the inside, you can handle anything. Through our relentless pursuit of producing refined, elegant and technical apparel, we hope to inspire you to get on the mat. We’re urban dwellers living in a city that’s fast-paced and understand the need to slow things down. That's why our brand ethos is 'keep it zen'. 

Carefully considered fabrics, quality construction and a sense of timelessness makes up our signature aesthetic. Inherently effortless and easy to wear, our pieces are designed to help you move with ease and above all else, feel calm. 

zenbody was initially hatched at a fashion week after party between two friends, Zoe and Jen. The combining of these two names creates zen and in a serendipitous way, encapsulates the brand's mission of cultivating calm.